What’s On Halal Expo Indonesia 2019

HEI speak!

“HEIspeak!” Is a place for us to learn and gain more knowledge about HALAL in Islam and apply it in our lifestyle. The speakers in this event were not only from Ustadz but also from various famous Islamic scholars.The Invited Speakers will come from Entrepreneur, Academic, Government and Ustadz.

HEI share

Discussing update and recent issue about halal, you can experience know ledge sharing by our well known speakers.

HEI shop

HEI Exhibition is a B2C showcased on various halal product in all industries. The Visitor will find all halal product on the exhibition area from food & beverages industry, beauty, pharmacy and health, hospital, school until tour & travel for halal trip. Through the hall, visitor will find several halal zone for every industries. And visitor can shop directly to the halal product booth.

HEI beauty!

Halal cosmetics on the rise In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the use of halal cosmetics in Indonesia. Nowaday, Indonesian women feels that itistheir religious duty to wear Islamic clothing and cosmetics. According to a survey, 58% of women in Indonesia now prefer to use halal cosmetics.

HEI fashion

Exclusive on HEI, you can experience a very entertaining and inspiring halal fashion show, attended by well known brand you can update your style in halal way.

HEI studio

Exclusive on HEI, experience 3 days of out of the world movie screening area, you can enjoy lots of islamic movies powered by VIU and also our special movie IQRO

HEI act

Visitors will be asked to donate garbage, which will be collected at the venue and we will collaboration with garbage banks and Waste Transfer Stations around the venue.

Welcome To Halal Expo Indonesia 2019

This exhibition is the perfect platform to showcased various Halal products that are currently being sold or about to enter the Indonesian Market. The rising phenomenon of “Halal Lifestyle” in Muslim communities in Indonesia has driven Skyconnection to organize the 2nd Halal Expo Indonesia 2019.

The terms ‘Halal’ used to only linked with food and beverages. However, The Muslim community in Indonesia has become more aware of other Halal products apart from those two. This event will be able to prove that Indonesia is not only acting as a major consumer of Halal products but also as a producer of various kind of Halal products.

Floor Plan

Post Show Report




Exhibitor’s name (max 30 letters) in white vinyl lettering


Three-side panel partitions in white finish. In case of corner booths, it will be two side walls and two fascia boards


Dark Grey covering inside Shell Scheme Area


Information counter with one reception desk, two folding chairs, and one of wastepaper basket


Two units of fluorescent lamps at fascia


One power single phase socket with electricity 2 amp
(not to be used to connect spot lights & fluorescent lights)


Contact Us

For Further Information

Jl. Gotong Royong I No.50,
Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12550

Phone: 021-2923 6631

Web: http://www.halalexpoindonesia.com

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